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Oracle Cards

Oracle Card Readings:

Every session is unique to each client and whether it's a face-to-face, online or even in writing my aim is to always offer a safe space to anyone who chooses to start their personal development journey.

We'll start with a short chat so I can get a general idea of what you'd like to work on or what you wish to discover through your card reading. In some instances, clients might not have any idea of which questions to ask or how; they perceive that they feel stuck and don't know where to turn, or are experiencing a state of stagnant energy. In other words: they feel something unexplainable in their life and can't pin-point what it is.  

In that case we can start the reading by simply asking what you need to know or pay attention to at this time as the cards will always direct us to the most significant emotion, feeling or situation that might be locked away or hidden from view.


Predicting the future isn't part of my approach. This is because as human beings we all have freewill so each of us has the opportunity of a choice-point at any given time. And that's why the future cannot be set in stone. We are all able to create our reality and change it if needed, picking an alternative solution or timeline when we are at a crossroad in our life.

This makes you the captain of your ship, with the opportunity to steer it in the direction you wish to take it rather than being at the mercy of the winds.

Crystal Healing


Your Crystal Healing session will be tailored to your needs and your current situation.

Energies shifts might be experienced during the session and/or physical sensations. Many have reported spiritual experiences and opening/unblocking of specific chakras. As the energy starts to work on the outer layers it then goes on to reveal the next layer, this is when you might notice general changes in mind body and soul.

Crystal Healing Session
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