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Erika a little about me

Hi, I'm Erika,

Starseed, intuitive and empath based in London - UK.
I am a soul guide, spiritual and personal development facilitator here to assist in your unique healing journey with the support of oracle card readings, crystal and energy healing.

My personal and spiritual journey spans across 25 years. 
At a time when I found myself questioning everything in life, including my purpose and my role on this planet, I was picked, in a stroke of synchronicity, as a volunteer to attend an angel workshop event. That experience opened up my intuitive channels for the first time and not long after that I began to study, meditate and develop my gifts while deepening my intuition and using my sensitivity and empathy as resources to make a difference in other people's lives.
The call to be of service to others led me to offer guidance and healing supported by my own personal experience and holistic tools and resources.

I am a naturally "glass-half-full kind of person", a believer in flowing with life rather than against it and someone who never shies away from facing her shadows. Healing of the soul and connection to the higher self and true essence is at the forefront of my approach. My aim is to help others awaken to their true nature and innate power tuning into their wisdom and facilitate healing by dissolving any blocks that stop them from moving forward and shining their light.

Facing the "darkness", healing and integrating means walking through any challenges and finally come out at the other end fully empowered and in sovereignty. It's essential that we honour our gifts within and nurture them, that we strive to evolve and shed those weights that often ground us to a halt or stop us from soaring high; that we connect to our Self and innerstand our true divine nature so we can remember who we really are: pure spirit, energy, infinite souls in a body, here to experience life on Earth and evolve while shining our light into the world.

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