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What is an Oracle card deck and how is it used?

Oracle Cards are a tool for Divine guidance, spiritual support, and insight. They are a direct connection, just like a phone line, to our Inner Wisdom and Higher Self. The reader is merely "the receiver" that interprets and conveys these messages.

What is the difference between Oracles and Tarots?

Tarot has a strong tradition and is meant to have a specific reliable structure, it has 78 cards that will always be split into 22 major arcana cards, and 56 minor cards.

The meanings of each card should be similar in every tarot deck and although they can also be read intuitively, its cards have specific meanings which are applied to the specific questions a client might ask. The layout of the cards tell a fluid story and each card takes a different meaning according to where surrounding cards lay.

Oracle Cards have more of a fluid system and they differ deck by deck. The author of the deck chooses a theme (ie Spirit Animals, Angels, Self-Care etc.). Each deck can have a variable number of cards - like 36 or 44 - and they are read by connecting through intuition and current energies and interpreting symbols and messages coming from the cards. Oracle cards prefer open-ended questions rather than yes or no questions, as this makes sure the client takes action instead of leaving things to fate.

Can cards predict the future?

I believe that because the future isn't set in stone circumstances can change based on how we create our reality. Here on Earth we have free-will and humanity is here to learn to use it in sovereignty. Each situation we are presented with always has multiple timelines and we create our future through specific choice-points. I red the current energies and provide the client with tools and resources to heal and work through anything that might be in the way of what they wish to create. This is much more empowering than hanging on to an event that might or might not happen.

How do you connect with someone's energy?

This can be done in person or at a distance. As we are all made of energy we all vibrate at a certain frequency. Connecting a frequency to another produces a matching frequency (think of two radios that tune in to the same station). Once a frequency enters into another's field a connection is established. This is always done with the person's permission and it's also why a reading, whether is an energy/card reading or healing, needs to be requested, under the law of free-will. Before any reading or healing session I prepare the room and my energy field by clearing and cleansing the area and my own energy and always have a meditation so I am centred, grounded and neutral.

What if I don't resonate with the reading?

This can happen for several reasons. Sometimes the energy might be murky (on either side) or simply difficult to read and things might come out a bit discombobulated. However, it's important to also take into consideration that sometimes the cards do their best to show what you might need to know for your highest good rather than what you want to know, so it's a case of focusing on what comes up first before being able to get to where you want to be. On occasions, the reading might also reveal information that is not immediately obvious but might become clearer a bit later on. 
If you're feeling unwell that can also produce a foggy energy. 

Please note:

I would never conduct a reading or healing session under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering illegal drugs and I would never conduct a reading or healing session for anyone under the influence of alcohol or mind-altering or illegal drugs. These sessions can be emotionally draining or cause clients to lose emotional or mental control. If I’m unsure or become aware that the client is under the influence, I will end the session immediately, offering a full refund if there has been a financial exchange.

How will energy/crystal healing help me heal?

The goal of Energy healing is to restore harmony, energy and balance within the human energy system.

When a person's energy is balanced and free-flowing a person’s body and mind is in a positive state of health. When the energy becomes weak or blocked it could lead to symptoms of physical or emotional imbalance. We all have an energy system called Chakras where the energy surrounding us connects with us on a daily basis. However, our energy via our chakras can become blocked or weakened due to trauma, mental or emotional stress, false beliefs about ourselves or others, which can then block our personal growth and wellbeing. Balancing these energy points during a healing session can bring about free flowing energy movement throughout our body restoring balance and vitality to the organs and body systems governed by each Chakra.

Will it work if I don't believe in it?

Our ‘conscious’ mind may not be in charge or aware of our body’s needs at a cellular or energetic level. Many people are far from connected to their body's needs or messages. Our inner makeup, however, will definitely respond to universal energy bringing about balance in areas of need.  If our mind is open to the receipt of energy healing, the body can respond favourably to our ‘intention’ to accept healing.  As for energy making a difference, it's important to keep in mind that every living thing has and is energy which has a vibration. Even the colours in our spectrum have a vibration which is what is used in Colour therapy (sound healing therapy is also a perfect example of this vibrational energy) so it is about receiving more of the energy we are part of and bringing about balance.  Balance = wellbeing.

What will I feel and how will I know if it's working?

If you are sensitive to different energies you may feel a number of things, so it depends on the individual. You might not feel anything, but this does not mean that energy is not working. It may just mean that you are not as sensitive to these fine vibrations.

On the other hand, you might have sensations during or after the treatment such as: heat, cold, tingling, buzzing, relaxation, sleepiness. You may find that you sigh and release your breath in a pronounced way during a healing and/or feeling teary, this usually shows you are releasing old stuck energy which you no longer need. 

The practitioner will be drawn to whatever area is requiring the healing which may not be the place we feel, but the contributing area, especially as they would have asked that the healing be directed for the highest good of the receiver. Healing is not controlled, but facilitated.

It may happen that some symptoms worsen for a time after the treatment as the energies strengthen or help release old blocked unbalanced areas. You may feel a little emotional or have old thoughts coming to the surface for releasing. Do not be alarmed, this is quite normal as it’s an adjustment time and will last for a short period, after which you will feel ‘different’.

Very often the recipient feels wonderful straight after a healing and would just love to stay and keep soaking up the energy. Or, you may feel great but just want to go home and sleep.

It is helpful to drink extra (preferably filtered) water to aid the cleansing of the body after a healing.

Will one session be enough to achieve healing?

Results can be achieved through just one healing session, and you may experience just that, but generally it will take several to feel real change; this depends on your condition. For instance, you might benefit from regular sessions for an acute condition.

Those who are familiar with how energy works and can feel the subtleties of it may respond faster but that may also not be the case.  As with any form of healing, response can be greater when we address any lifestyle, environmental or dietary issues that may be contributing to our dis-ease.  This can also mean releasing anything in our life that no longer serves us, whether emotional or physical.

Energy healing can be so much more effective when we realise we are a whole being – mind, body and soul and can be of great support to regular health care. The upside to energy healing is that you can’t overdose on it but the best approach is that of allowing time for adjustments to settle.

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